In Moscow – devising for new buildings
Real Estate Moscow and St. Petersburg – elite new

Real estate markets in Moscow and St. Petersburg are significantly different from each other, as in the Moscow market, the turnover of capital is much more than cash flow of a huge city on the Neva. In the capital of Russian elite is dominated by large projects, the prices are the primary market for one square meter cost 20 thousand dollars, and the St. Petersburg real estate market for about six thousand. Therefore, the elite buildings in Moscow are in great demand by rich people and meet all criteria of modern elity.Po Moscow elite real estate in St. Petersburg is very different from the real estate capital and there just is not what to invest. But it’s absolutely not that the rich elite of St. Petersburg buildings are much worse, just for a long time real estate markets, both in Moscow and St. Petersburg have evolved in different ways and for different schemes. Therefore, the criteria by which one of them belongs to the elite, razlichny. Moskva since ancient times developed a unique principle of private ownership. To date, the center of Moscow has a corresponding “base”, which includes a huge number of villas in the heart of the city relating to housing, first-class suites. But the buildings in the center of St. Petersburg are located so that it is difficult to comply with all criteria of our modern elite. They are expressed in the absence of places for parking, the complexity of communications and non-uniform okruzhenii. Pomimo in Moscow this idea of luxury real estate quickly follow each other, and with them, and are replaced by new buildings and elite. In the capital, take down even the luxury homes that were built in the 90s and were considered at the time the richest and most prestigious accommodation. Since today is one square meter in Moscow is much more expensive than in St. Petersburg and the demand for his solvency, these costs are fully justified, and the investments in high-cost projects with a payback lihvoy.V Petersburg elite houses can not replace each other at the same rate, because in the city center is a huge number of houses-monuments. Even if in the case of finding unprotected by the state house to be demolished and the land released for construction, then there is problems with inappropriate specific primer. Many investors are afraid to invest their money in such projects as the cost of them are quite impressive, but they can not fully pay off.




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